Fire Procedures

The fire assembly point is at the top of the car park, on the left of the entrance. Please remember to social distance whilst waiting at the assembly point.  


On arrival please make yourself familiar with your nearest fire escape route, which is detailed on the plan on your door.


If the alarm is activated, loud bells will ring. Immediately proceed to the assembly point, by using the safest and most direct route possible. Do not stop to collect your belongings.


If you require any individual assistance in the event of a fire please use the fire door hanger provided to alert fire marshals to your need.




Immediately activate the fire alarm system by operating the nearest break glass call point by pressing the glass, and exit the building via the nearest escape route, and go to the assembly point on the car park.


Location of Break glass call point

Main Hotel Rooms 1 to 19               The nearest call points are situated at the end of the landings.

Dale End Mews Rooms 27 -37         The nearest call points are situated at the end of the landings, and at the bottom of each staircase.

Pump House Yard Rooms 21-26      The nearest call points are situated by the door to reception.

Severn Suite Rooms 38-44              The nearest call points are located next to the lift and fire exit.


False Alarms

A highly sensitive Fire alarm has been installed to ensure safety to all of our guests. The following may cause the fire sensors to be activated and trigger the fire alarms. Should the fire alarm sound we must carry out a full evacuation. In order to avoid this inconvenience please exercise caution in the following:


*         Use of aerosol sprays close to the smoke detector.

*         Leaving any electrical appliances unattended.

*         Ensure the bathroom door is closed to minimise the risk of steam activating          the alarm.

*         Irons should be used in ventilated areas, away from smoke detectors.

*         Smoking.