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Dear Valued Guest, 

Welcome to Crewe Arms Hotel. 

Thank you for choosing to stay with us, we hope to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and will endeavour to provide an excellent quality of service throughout your visit. 

Feedback is important to us as customer needs are at the forefront of our priorities. You can leave this at our reception or alternatively send these directly by email to [email protected] 

We have additional measures in place to ensure guest health and safety. Please follow all signage instructions and ask a member of staff if you are unsure.

Crewe Arms Hotel is a non smoking Hotel and in order to ensure your own personal safety during your stay, please read the Fire Notice which is displayed in your bedroom. 

The area is spoilt with an abundance of local attractions, our staff will be more than happy to assist you with further information and provide you with any inside knowledge into any latest promotions and events available. 

Food is readily available 24 hours a day, although the menu is limited after 20.30hrs menus are available on our website,

Your suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated and if there is anything we can do to improve your stay please do not hesitate to let us know. 

Thank you once again for choosing Crewe Arms Hotel. 

Warmest regards, 

Andrew Sanders 

Regional General Manager 


Our bar is open between the hours of 11am and 11pm. The bar is situated on the ground floor.


Breakfast is served

A grab and go breakfast is available to have during your stay and if not already included in your room rate, you can order at reception. The cost of the Grab and Go Breakfast is £7.95 per person and the breakfast menu is located on if you wish to upgrade to a Full English Breakfast this can be done by contacting reception on ‘0’ the total cost for a plated breakfast is £13.95 per person. However, if you have the grab and go breakfast already included in your rate then an upgrade charge of £4.00 will be applied to your bill per person.

Bottled Water

Premium Litre measurement bottles of both still and sparkling water is available at a charge of £3.50 per large bottle.

Please ask at Reception or dial ‘0’. 

Car Parking

Parking in the Hotel’s car park is free of charge.  Please remember to register your vehicle registration with reception as we operate at ANPR parking system.

Credit Cards/Payments

All major credit cards are accepted - Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express. Accounts to companies must be arranged in writing prior to arrival. A Credit Card or Debit Card will be requested upon check in for a pre-authorisation. 

Television Instructions

1. Using the remote control; Press ‘TV’ then the power button to turn on the television. Press ‘Sky’ to ensure the Sky box is on (there should be a green light on the Sky box next to the television).

2. If you find you have a blue screen, Press ‘TV’ then the channel button up or down on the Sky remote until you get to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. 

3. When you find the correct HDMI channel for Sky, press ‘SKY’ to be able to control the Sky box; you can then change channels as normal.

4. To turn the television off press ‘TV’ then power.

If you have any problems please contact reception. 

TV & Radio

Freeview channels are available in all rooms. The TV guide with channel listings can be found on your TV. 

If you wish to listen to the radio you may do so by selecting the radio option in your TV guide and by following the on screen instructions. 


A cleaning service is available Monday-Friday, excluding Public Holidays. Dry cleaning bags and prices will need to be requested by by contacting reception. Please place any articles, which require cleaning in a bag and give to Reception before 8.30am. Dry cleaning will take up to 4 days and laundry will be returned the following day.

Electrical Appliances

The Hotel electricity supply is 220/240 Volts.

Before using any electrical appliances please contact Reception to ensure that it complies with the Hotel electricity supply. 


In the event of an emergency please dial ‘0’ for assistance.

For medical advice please call the NHS Helpline on 0845 4647or 111.

Please also adhere to all Health & Safety Measures, including Fire Regulations. 

Emergency and Fire Instructions

Please ensure that you are familiar with all the procedures should the alarms be sounded and follow the map instructions that are located on the wall leading to your bathroom.If you feel you would require assistance in the case of an evacuation please advise Reception immediately. 


Fans are provided free of charge in all our guest rooms and can be found in the hanging space in the room. 


Rooms are serviced between 8.00am and 2.30pm, if you wish to have your room serviced during your stay please contact reception. Due to the ongoing restrictions due to covid - 19 we will not be cleaning rooms during your stay unless requested.  

The following services are free and are available 24 hours a day. Please contact Reception on ‘0’ for any assistance:- 


Ice is available from Room Service. Please dial ‘0’ 

Irons and Ironing Boards

These are located in the wardrobe. If you have any problems or additional requests please contact Reception for delivery to your Bedroom. 

Luggage Assistance & Storage

If you require assistance with your luggage please contact reception who can advise and assist you. Due to the ongoing situation with Covid - 19 we will not be able to store guest luggage on site.  

Night Porters

Service is available throughout the night and a list of the food items that are available is detailed on the menu found in your room. (Please see Bar for additional information). 


A small pet is allowed in a guest room at the rate of £10 per stay and is applied per pet. Guide and assistance dogs will stay at no additional costs. 


Reception is available 24 hours a day. For assistance during your stay please dial ‘0’ from your phone. 

@1650 Restaurant Opening Times

The restaurant is open

Monday - Saturday - 17.30hrs - 20.30hrs

On Sunday evenings we will be offering lights bites. Please see menus on the attached link.

All our menus are detailed on

Please visit for details on our menus on offer and the restaurant opening times. All tables for the restaurant will need to be booked in advance, please visit our restaurant diary to book your table now.

Room Service

Room Service is available. Menus at times are on are


Occasionally we all forget to pack those essentials. We have complimentary supplies of dental kits, combs, face cloths, sewing kits, shaving kits, shower caps and ladies sanitary items, at reception. 


Taxis can be booked via Reception. We advise that you do book in advance so not to delay your journey. 

Telephone Charges

Telephone charges are based per minute at the following costs:

Wake up Call

If you require a wake up call please contact reception by dialling ‘0’ from your phone. Alternatively you can programme a wake up call from your radio alarm in the bedroom by pressing the alarm button and then selecting the hou

Wi-Fi and Internet

WiFi is free of charge at the hotel in all areas. Please connect to BWCreweArms. You will need to go to the Internet Explorer (Safari on Apple products) and the landing page will appear. You will be asked to create a user profile so that you can log into the system and generate a password that you will be able to log back onto the system in your future stays. 

This service is run by Micron Communications. If you have any issues with usage of the WiFi at any point then please contact reception on ‘0’ from your phone, who will assist and if necessary escalate any issues to the support team.